It’s time to feel confident again!

Whether you want a larger-sized product that we standard offer or with a different padding construction, or you have muscular dystrophy, or you had an accident that affected your muscles, our padded clothes will bring your muscles to their initial look or make them look even better.

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Customize your product at no additional cost!

Due to the uniqueness of humans, we offer the option for a custom-size product, perfectly designed for your unique size, at no extra cost.

Please fill out the form below with a few details, and one of our agents will email you within 24 hours.

Which product are you interested in customizing

1). Padded Undershirt T-Shirt – (click for the custom order form)

2). Padded Thighs for Women – (click for the custom order form)

3). Padded Thighs for Men – (click for the custom order form)

4). Padded Calves for Women – (click for the custom order form)

5). Padded Calves for Men – (click for the custom order form)


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Love it! Fast shipping, great quality.

— KanayaLalonde – from our Etsy shop
+ many more tesimonials from the eBay store