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How we started

All my life I’ve been the skinniest guy in any group of people I’ve found myself in. People always made fun of me for my appearance and everywhere I went I was referred to as “the skinny guy”. In high school I never had a girlfriend because of my low self-esteem which was caused by my physique. My friends and everyone else told me things like “why don’t you eat more?” and “you look like a stick”. Little did they know I ate tons of healthy food and had a healthy life style all around. I practiced swimming in my free time, but I never had results.

I started taking supplements and went to the gym, but still no results whatsoever. I knew I had to do something so I started improvising and putting things under my clothes to look more “buff”. My confidence went through the roof once I got compliments on a daily basis and I even got a girlfriend.

My best friend, who was a chubby guy at that time noticed my transformation and only knew that I put things under my clothes after I told him. Of course, he wanted to look great as well so I started creating something for him too and I did an even better job than I had done with me.

He noticed that his ‘man boobs’ went away and that he had a more ripped look. He thanked me with all his heart and from that day, when he realized how good he would look being a little more ripped, he started going to the gym. He lost a lot of weight and he put on an admirable amount of muscle, but that process took 2 years. In that time, he wore the underclothes I had made for him and told me that he would not have done it without my help because everytime he looked in the mirror while wearing them, it motivated him even more with his body transformation.

One day it came to my mind “why should we be the only one to benefit from this idea?”
It all started then.
Now I help people all over the globe with their problems regarding insecurities about their body.

One of the problems that frustrated me the most was that although I liked some clothes, I couldn’t buy them because they didn’t fit me well. That’s why the products I’ve made have completely changed my life. I can dress however I want and I will look absolutely great!

A lot of you would ask “why should I wear something fake under my clothes on a date, for example, if the girl saw me without it sooner or later?”. Well, because the first impression is crucial. Even though you won’t be wearing our product on the second date, you have already won her admiration not only because of the way you looked, but also because of the confidence in yourself and in your physique.

You live only once, why live feeling bad and insecure about the way you look and telling yourself “ I will change something someday ”? If you change something by going to the gym or practicing sport, until you accomplish your goal, you may still want to look and feel good. But even if you just don’t have the time for gym or exercises or you are a little too comfortable, ClotheswithMuscles products will help you make sure you look perfect no matter what.

I hope I helped some of you guys with these products, and remember: When you look perfect, you feel perfect!



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