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for Padded Calves for Men

NOTE: This is NOT an actual order, this form is just for collecting your measurements for your new pair of Custom Padded Calves for Men!

Before completing this form, please make a standard order (go to product) and after you receive the order number, fill that number in the 3rd field of this form alongside the rest of the information.

Please check the image on the right for the measurements we need from you to make your pair of women’s padded things fit you perfectly. You also find the standard measurements alongside each measurements field.

measerments for calves Men
See the image above for measurement reference (click the image to enlarge)
quote m

Fits my body well! Better than expected! My family didn’t even realize I had it on! Lol Great Job Guys!

— Nicholas Blunt – from our Etsy shop
+ many more tesimonials from the eBay store