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Fake Muscles, Padded Undershirts, Muscles Enhancing T-shirt

Check out our great padded undershirts made from fabrics that allow the skin to breathe. Our muscles enhancing t-shirts are built to accentuate your Pectorals, Shoulders, Biceps, and Triceps and still look natural and balanced.

All t-shirts can be used for Aesthetic purpose or as fake muscles for SuperHero costumes.

Get the WOW effect!

Padded Undershirt – Sleeveless

Enhance your chest look and instantly boost your confidence!

Padded Undershirt, Sleeveless, Grey

Padded Undershirt Sleeveless Grey


Padded Undershirt, Sleeveless, Black

Padded Undershirt Sleeveless Black


Padded Undershirt, Sleeveless, White

Padded Undershirt Sleeveless White


Padded Undershirt – ½ Long Sleeve

Feel and look Powerful, Masculine and Confident!

Padded Undershirt Long Sleeve Grey


Padded Undershirt Long Sleeve Black


Padded Undershirt Long Sleeve White


DISCOUNTS - 10% off on 2 items and 20% off on 4 or more items.