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Padded Calves for Man

(13 customer reviews)


Natural looking enhancement when worn under any type of pants.

Advanced fabric technology allowing the skin to breathe with micro fibers for softness and comfort.

You can select the thickness of the padding according to your needs.

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13 reviews for Padded Calves for Man

  1. roger

    nice. At first I thought they didn’t look really anatomical but under pants it makes my legs look amazing. Very cool thing

  2. Christian

    Best thing ever! Them legs!! thats what i was thinking when i was looking in the mirror with these bad boys on! I hate my skinny legs and this is really a blessing. Thank you so much!

  3. Carl

    Unbelievable. I couldn’t believe those were my legs i was looking at in the mirror. The jeans were loose around that area without your product, but when I put it on they got tight and it really outlined my legs!

  4. Brendan

    Yess! All my life I looked for a product like this. Significant difference in my calves when I’m wearing jeans + your product. Great!

  5. Jermiah O

    All my life I’ve had small calves. I trained and I trained, but they just wouldn’t grow. My whole body was getting bigger and more muscular, except for those calves. I was frustrated with them, until I found your product. It really made my calves thicker and the difference is considerable when i wear it under any type of pants! Thank you

  6. maria L. concepcion

    I was looking for something like this thank u

  7. Fran Nowak

    Very good

  8. Fran Nowak

    Wonderful product

  9. dimitra

    very nice I feel so comfortable with it and so confidence

  10. Sajma Sabo

    why is there only a side view? I’d like to see a front view…..

  11. ben

    pretty poor quality

  12. Joy Illiparambil

    Nice product

  13. Michael

    Not bad! Wish there was a bit more thickness on the sides and less on the back, but for the price they’re pretty great and I guess you can’t custom fit for everyone.

  14. C Hen (verified owner)

    Not a good product… don’t waste your money. The padding isnt solid, too soft. Looks awkward thru the pants.


    Can anyone send me a pic of how it look on them?thanks

  16. Dan Splivers

    So cool! Feeling so tight in the club with these on, took bae home but when we started getting friskay and she took my pants off she saw my padded calves and left! :,(

  17. John

    Why aren’t there any before and after pics, showing one with the naked calf and one with the enhancement? How are we to see the difference in size? Also, why not just take pics showing us the front and back angles of the calf with the padded enhancement as well? I want to see the actual difference from all angles, before making a purchase. The two images you have here show nothing. The front and back views ARE IMPORTANT!

  18. BigDaddy007

    I love this product!!! So realistic and definitely worth the money. I have flat feet so my calf muscles are stubborn but this right here is AMAZING. I couldn’t believe those were my legs!!! I would recommend

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