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Padded Undershirt Long Sleeve White

(5 customer reviews)


Our muscle enhancing shirt is a high-quality garment to accentuate the Pectorals, shoulders, biceps, and triceps. This gives the effect of an improved posture with a natural looking balance all-around.

Advanced fabric technology allowing the skin to breathe with micro fibers for softness and comfort. All this is combined with more breaking technology in the discreet plates used for muscle sizing when a muscle is tensed that area will feel tense and when relaxed will behave accordingly, therefore, making it very hard to realize one is being worn.

ClothesWithMuscles products are skin friendly and have the appearance of cotton.

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5 reviews for Padded Undershirt Long Sleeve White

  1. Mr K

    Improved aspect. My body form is more like an U than a V, but this product sure did accentuate the ever so slight difference between my upper back and my waist!

  2. Dany

    Damn this is nice. When I tried this on, I didn’t believe it was me I was looking at in the mirror haha

  3. SammyXXx

    The only regret I have with this shirt is that I can’t wear it anymore because it’s so darn hot outside!

  4. Ben886

    I bought this after my one month vacation I took from work. The Unbelievable! first time I came into the office wearing this, I could see curious glances from my female colleagues and jealous looks from the guys, hah, great!!

  5. Ubaldo De Leon

    Like the new material better ..

  6. Marcel D gil

    I just wish they had a customer support service that you can actually call and contact ethere’s only just email and they always respond is there anybody that can help with that let me know thank you

  7. jm

    lol. Most reviews on the same day.

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