The complete list of the upcoming Europe Cosplay Conventions – end of 2022 & complete 2023

08/26/22 East European Comic Con Bucharest Romania Speculative fiction, Multi-genre
08/27/22 Comic Con Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands pop culture, Multi-genre
08/27/22 KupoCon London UK Final Fantasy fan event
08/27/22 Bristol Anime and Gaming Con Bristol UK Anime, gaming
08/28/22 Hanamicon Graz Austria Anime
09/10/22 Wyntercon Sussex UK Multi-genre
09/10/22 Sheffield Anime and Gaming Con Sheffield UK Anime, gaming
09/17/22 Cardiff Anime Con Cardiff UK Anime
11/19/22 Vienna Comic Con Vienna Austria pop culture, gaming, Multi-genre
09/22/22 International Comic Expo Birmingham UK Multi-genre
09/22/22 EGX London UK Gaming
09/23/22 Anime Con The Hauge Netherlands Anime
09/24/22 Nor Con Norfolk UK TV, Film and Comics
09/30/22 Cross Roads Birmingham UK Supernatural
10/01/22 Covcon Coventry UK Multi-genre
10/08/22 Newcastle Anime and Gaming Convention Newcastle UK Anime
10/14/22 AmeChibi North Hampton UK Japanese animation, culture and comics
10/15/22 Octocon Dublin Ireland science fiction and fantasy
10/15/22 Liverpool Anime and Gaming Convention Liverpool UK Anime
10/22/22 For the love of horror Manchester UK Horror
10/22/22 Birmingham Anime and Gaming Con Birmingham UK Anime, gaming
10/22/22 F.A.C.T.S. Ghent Belgium pop culture, multy-genre
10/28/22 MCM London London UK Speculative fiction
10/29/22 Comic Con Brussels Brussels Belgium pop culture, multy-genre
11/05/22 Winter Geek Festival Mons Belgium pop culture, multy-genre
11/05/22 Fan TC Con Isle of Wight UK pop culture, multy-genre
11/11/22 Pandorica Bristol UK Doctor Who
11/12/22 MCM Birmingham Comic Con Birmingham UK pop culture, multy-genre
11/18/22 Enchanted Birmingham UK Once Upon a Time
11/19/22 Heroes Dutch Comic Con AL Utrecht Netherlands pop culture, multy-genre
11/19/22 Comic Con Liverpool Liverpool UK Speculative fiction, pop culture, multy-genre
11/20/22 Hull Comic Con Kingston Upon Hull UK pop culture, multy-genre
11/27/22 Stars of Time Film and Comic Con Somerset UK TV, Film, pop culture
12/03/22 Paris Manga Show Paris FR Manga / Sci-Fi
12/09/22 Dreamhack Valencia Spain Gaming
01/21/23 Comic Con Ireland Dublin Ireland pop-culture / fandom
02/24/23 Japan Expo South Marseilles France Anime
03/10/23 Minimamicon South Hampton UK PopCult
03/10/23 Cross Roads Birmingham UK Supernatural
03/11/23 Dublin Comic Con Summer Edition Dublin Ireland pop culture, multy-genre
03/11/23 Valiant Sheffield UK Doctor Who
03/17/23 VoughtCon Heathrow UK The Boys
03/26/23 Manga Comic Con Leipzig Germany manga and comic fans
04/04/23 Star Wars Celebration London UK Star Wars
04/07/23 Star Wars Celebration London UK Star Wars
04/15/23 Manchester Anime and Gaming Con Manchester UK Anime
05/05/23 Starfury: The Ulitmates – Apokolips Birmingham UK DC Heroes
05/06/23 Portsmouth Comic Con Portsmouth UK film, TV and pop culture
05/18/23 Fantasy Basel Basel Switzerland Cosplay, Comic, Gaming & Film
06/03/23 Leeds Anime and Gaming Con Leeds UK Anime
06/10/23 Em-Con Nottingham UK pop culture, multy-genre
06/16/23 The ultimate: Avengers Assemble Birmingham UK Marvel TV shows and Movies
06/23/23 Sunny Con Anime Expo St. James Park UK Marvel Cinematic Universe
07/09/23 The Surrey Steampunk Convival Surrey UK Steampunk
07/20/23 Raising Steam Festival Bromsgrove UK Steampunk
08/04/23 The Highlanders Birmingham UK Outlander

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